Mike who?

Mike’s brand of message-infused blues and Americana ranges from gritty-edgy to wise-humorous to just plain hyphenated.  His stage presence has been described as “warm and fuzzy like a chipmunk but much bigger.”   

Mike's guitar stylings and baritone voice might remind you of John Prine, Chris Smither, Steve Earle, or Tom Rush.  He's also been know to slip a slide on his finger.  In his spare time he does Aikido, juggles a little, and makes killer oatmeal pancakes.

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Lyrics of the Moment

I don't care what's trending | All the stupid crap you're sending | makes me wonder. | Who are you appeasing? | Repeating is believing | Truth in numbers. 

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Check out the Southwest Virginia Songwriters Association (SVSA) (I'm the President this year!)  I'm tweeting @SvsaSongs. There's even an old-school newsletter!   

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