Danielle Miraglia

Hello all.

Quick note to rave about Danielle Miraglia (http://www.daniellem.com/).  I saw her at the 3rd Street Coffeehouse in Roanoke on March 14.   What a treat!  

When Danielle gets her feet stomping on that stomp-box, the strings snappin', the slide slidin', the harp harpin',,,  and her voice belting it out... it's amazing how much sound comes out of someone who can't be more than 5'2" and 100 lbs.  Pound for pound, one of the best musicians I've seen in a long time.   I notice that the word "Rory" doesn't appear on her web site any where, but I immediately compared her to Rory Block in my mind.

I bought both of her CDs.  I much prefer "Home Live at Club Possum" over the more standard production of "Nothing Romantic."

Go see her when you get the chance.


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