David Wilcox

 I saw David Wilcox in concert at the Kirk Avenue Music Hall recently.  I had no idea what to expect, since the idea was entirely that of a neighbor friend of mine -- I had no idea what David did.   

David is a masterful performer.   While a lot of his amazingly voluminous repertoire seems to be the sensitive stuff, his show was expertly balanced between the gentle stuff, a fantastic sense of humor, great instrumental work, and very engaging story-telling.   He reminds me of James Taylor at times, which is probably no accident.   I love what he does with a partial capo -- including playing above the capo at times.

My only negative is that I happened to sit next to someone that SANG during the stuff he knew, which was very distracting.  Fortunately, I was able to move over one seat to leave the one and only vacant seat in the house between us (now that's serendipity!).

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