My First CD

 I've been threatening to put out a CD for, oh, about 15 years or so.   I'm almost done.  I've got 12 tracks recorded, with one more to come.  Final mixes are still forthcoming on 4-5 of them, and I want to add a few tweaks here and there.  I'm thinking one more studio session, and I'm done.

Incidentally, I did all this at Blackwater Recording, which overlooks Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia -- about 50 minutes from my house.  Harold is the greatest.

So now I have to name the CD, and come up with artwork.   I've thought about calling it "Mike Franke's Greatest Hits."   Friends of mine liked "The Essential Mike Franke."   I kinda like the latter, partially because it sets me up for my second CD ("The Non-Essential...").    My wife thinks either of these are obnoxious (which they are), and wants to call it "three-quarter time".  I don't like that because there's only one song on the CD in 3/4.

Your comments appreciated.   Many of the recordings on this site are on the CD .  What do you think?  

Hmmm....   Howsabout  "It's About Time" (though that's an idea for another song...)?

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