Why Coffee?

I finally did it.  Got rid of TV in our house -- about a week or two ago.  Honestly, we don't even miss it (much).  And the times I do miss it, I miss it in the same way I don't have ice cream in the house when I'm looking for that 1000-calorie midnight snack.

So I'm thinking of quitting coffee.  Here's the deal.  I'd been wrestling with a pretty nasty cold for about 10 days now -- I'm pretty much over it at this point.   But while I was feeling lowsy, one of the first things I noticed was that coffee made me feel terrible -- especially those oh-so-decadent cappucinos that I've started making at home with the cappuccino maker that my wife bought for $4 or something.  Anyway, coffee just always made me feel crappy.  So I gravitated towards tea.    Earl Gray and Peppermint, mostly -- English-style, with cream and sugar.   Tea always makes me feel better.

So why is it that as soon as I start to feel better again, I head right to the cappuccino maker instead of the teapot?   Why don't I drink tea even when I'm already feeling good?

What does this say about me, anyway?  Do I have latent self-destructive tendancies?  

Is this just another manifestation of my instinct for mediocrity?  (OK, I'll have to explain that one some other time)...

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