Cod Liver Oil

My wife apparently grew up getting a teaspoon of cod liver oil every day, and she claims she was never sick.  So, maybe a year ago, she started the practice of feeding the stuff to our kids.  They're 5 and 6.  

It used to be rather comical, actually, because she did it in the morning, but always forgot until I was waiting for the bus, outside, with my son (daughter was too young for the bus, still).  Linda would come running out in her fuzzy bathrobe with the bottle of "magic elixir" and a spoon.  Like I said, rather comical.  I wonder if anybody ever noticed that Tucker had "fish breath" every day.

We've since transitioned to a nighttime dose instead, which gets around the bathrobe scene and the fish breath.

Surprisingly, by the way, niether of the kids ever really minded. Still don't.  They sort of make a "yuck" face, but it's always in that fun sort of way that kids like to do when they're just naturally embracing things of a disgusting nature.

Until one day, we ran out of cod liver oil.  Linda was overjoyed the next day (in a sad, nostalgic sort of way) that she actually found flavored cod liver oil!  She said she couldn't even find the regular stuff (which would be... fish-flavored, I guess).   So she bought two bottles -- one mint, one cherry.

As it turns out, the kids hate it.  Oh, they're still going through the bottles now, because we won't waste it.  But they hate it more than the old standard.

The moral of the story, I guess, is that some things just shouldn't be flavored.

This now gets me thinking about whether or not I have other "cod liver oils" in my life; things that are probably good for you, but just plain yucky and ought to stay that way.

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