Talking Stick

I want to change the format of the national, cultural, and global discourse.  

I want our normal way of communicating evolve from one in which we take a side of an argument, present it, and defend it.   I believe that…

World Cup

OK, so the US just got eliminated from the World Cup by Belgium in an exciting 2-1 match that went into extra time (all three goals scored in extra time).

To all those soccer critics out there I have a…


Just thinking that I'm hoping to add a resonator to my kit this year.  I'd also like to add a bit of banjo frailing.  And just generally get on stage more.  Stay tuned (pun intended).

Swannanoa Gathering

I recently attended a week-long music "camp" called the Swannanoa Gathering at the beatiful Warren Wilson College campus in Swannano, North Carolina, in the Blue Ridge mountains near Asheville.   What a fantasic experience!  

There's too much to write about…


The following is from a Princeton commencement address, give by Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, in 2010:

How will you use your gifts? What choices will you make?

Will inertia be your guide, or will you follow your passions?…

Mediocrity, the Manifesto, and Religious Overachievers

I just read a book called "The Overachiever's Manifesto", by Ray Bennett.

Actually, it's


...which I thought was fitting.   Or not fitting -- on the cover.  You know what I…


To share or not to share

I very much enjoyed last night's meeting of the Southwest Virginia Songwriters Association (SVSA). As always, I came away with several really useful suggestions for improving the song I offered during the critique session.

I also really…

What's Done Is Done

The CDs arrived on my doorstep on Monday.  I've been updating the web site, uploading and sending stuff to CD Baby, editing clips, etc, ever since.  I'll bet Neil Young never had to do all this.   Not that I'm complaining…


Why Coffee?

I finally did it.  Got rid of TV in our house -- about a week or two ago.  Honestly, we don't even miss it (much).  And the times I do miss it, I miss it in the same way I…