Shawn Byrne, Live at Third Street 

What a fantastic show at the Third Street Coffeehouse.  Nashville songwriter Shawn Byrne entertained us with his wit, humor, warmth, and talent.  And our very own Mike Pearrell got things started as the opening act!


It’s REALLY Important

Start With Why 

reading a book called “Start with Why,” by Simon Sinek, bestselling author on books about leadership. You can find him on TED talks, as well. In this book, the author repeatedly comes back to the theme…



I haven't felt very creative lately.  Or perhaps I mean "productive."  I mean I haven't written any songs lately, or even worked up any new versions of old songs -- even covers.  So, I got to thinking about creativity, and…

BOSS vocal processors


I have now tried the BOSS VE-20, VE-2, VE-5, and VE-8.   What I want is great vocal processing, and harmonizing.  I'm frustrated with features.

I have found that I cannot rely on guitar input to determine the tonal base…


Pretty Good Team

I brought a new song to a songwriting workshop with Sally Barris this past weekend, and it got panned.  I learned a few things in the process.

This particular song was written for my wife.  The idea for the song…

It Hurts Me, Too

I'm learning to play the classic Tampa Red tune "It Hurts Me, Too"   ... though I'm doing it more in the Elmore James style. My guitar work is very minimalistic, a slow shuffle, lots of emphasis…

Come the Fury, Come the Flood

I just wrote a new tune: "Come the Fury, Come the Flood."  Here's the story behind it.

I was really sitting on the front porch of my 129-year-old house in the hills of Appalachia, with a 1934 Dobro (not mine…

SVSA Vision, 2015

I have been voted in as the president of the Southwest Virginia Songwriters Association (SVSA) for 2015.  I'm excited about it.

Here's the article I wrote for the first 2015 newsletter:

SVSA Vision, 2015

Hello everyone. 

It's a brand new…

Talking Stick

I want to change the format of the national, cultural, and global discourse.  

I want our normal way of communicating evolve from one in which we take a side of an argument, present it, and defend it.   I believe that…