Third Street Coffeehouse

I played two songs at the open mic at the Third Street Coffeehouse in Roanoke (VA) last night for the second time, and had a great time.  Third Street is a completely granola place -- very supportive audience, and even pretty good pumpkin cheesecake on this particular night.  I'll be the featured performer on Friday, May 2, from 8:30-10:00.  I hope to see some friends there.   

When I got home, I realized that I'd signed up for a lot of practice between now and then.  I spent the evening putting together a first draft of a set list (even though I had tons of other things I "should" have been doing).  I also went over the notes I took during Jess Pilmore's set that night, where I took queues from her very seasoned performance.  Hopefully, next time I play I'll even remember to unplug the guitar before walking off stage.

Oh -- and my wife and I went to see Chris Smither play at 202 Market in Roanoke on Wednesday.  He was in fine form.  I got his latest CD (signed, of course).  During the break I told Chris that I was learning his song "Can't Shake These Blues" from his instructional video.  He remarked "great! that's a hard one!", and proceeded to play it in his second set.. He told me after the show that he would have forgotten that tune if I hadn't mentioned it, so I guess it pays to open your mouth.  Thanks, also, to Adam, our server that night -- he was awesome.  Adam, if you're reading this, I hope you've found that voiceover work we talked about.   Perhaps I'll see you at your open mic some day.

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